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ISTE-STTP on Deep Learning

The department of Computer Science and Engineering had organized ISTE approved STTP on “Deep Learning: Concepts to Deployment ” held during 3rd – 15th July, 2023. The STTP was very successful in terms of participants and the speakers. There were a total 33 participants, that included 26 internal faculty members, 3 from the Institute of Space Research Organization, 3 from Institute of Plasma Research and 1 a CEO of a company. Invited speakers are from academia and industries equally. They delivered expert sessions and hands-on with real-life applications on the following topics:

1) Basics of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

2) Basics of Multilayer Perceptron

3) Basics of Convolution Neural Networks (CNN), Various CNN architectures and its applications along with hands-on

4) Reinforcement Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning

5) Deep Learning Sequence Models

6) Time-Series Prediction

7) Generative Models

8) Deployment, Scaling and cloud services

9) Attention Models

10) Accelerated Computing for AI

11) Transformers and Large Language Models

12) Explainable Artificial Intelligence

13) MLOps Landscape

14) Federated Learning

The STTP participants appreciated the flow of the programme and enjoyed learning. They gave outstanding feedback on the programme during the valedictory function.