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Industry Visit to NFSU’s Ballistics Research & Testing Centre, Gandhinagar

The department of Computer science engineering has arranged an industry visit to NFSU’s Ballistics Research & Testing Centre on 8th September, 2023 , for semester 5 students introducing them to advanced ballistics and firearm analysis technologies. Unveiling the World of Security Systems, Nirma University’s Computer Science and Engineering students embarked on an enlightening industrial visit to the National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU). This exceptional journey offered students a profound understanding of real-world security systems, risk management, and client-focused solutions.
The visit began with a tour of NFSU’s picturesque campus, where students engaged in vibrant discussions, sought answers, and clarified their doubts. They explored NFSU’s Psychological Centre and Forensic Innovation Centre, gaining insights into psychological profiling and forensic analysis and shedding light on the fascinating world of criminal investigations.
The highlight of the visit was the Cyber Defence Centre, where students learned about cybersecurity through lab simulations for cyberattacks and defence strategies. Witnessing the training programs that equip employees of NFSU’s clients with cutting-edge technology was particularly inspiring. as they delved into the captivating world of lab simulations for cyber attacks and defence mechanisms. For many, this was their first exposure to the complex world of ballistics and firearm analysis.
Nirma University expresses gratitude to NFSU for sharing invaluable knowledge. This visit broadened our students’ horizons, igniting their passion for computer science and engineering. It was an educational journey filled with wonder, leaving an indelible mark on their academic pursuits.
In summary, Nirma University’s visit to NFSU unveiled the realms of security, psychology, forensics, and cyber defence, preparing our students for success in the dynamic world of technology and security.