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Effective and Innovative pedagogy plays an important role in improving the quality of teaching-learning and ensures attainment of learning outcomes. The Institute has well-defined policies and internal quality assurance system to achieve quality in teaching-learning process. At the Department level, efforts are taken by the members to design the curriculum as per industry trends and validated from stakeholders. ICT tools are used extensively to support, enhance, and optimise the teaching and learning experience. Lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions form the essential components of pedagogy. Emphasis is also on project based learning in the form of minor and major projects, where students work on live problem definitions and research ideas. Industrial visits, a fraction of courses taught by industry experts and internship imparts a flavor of the current practices and advancements in the industry.


The evaluation process has mainly three components, Continuous Evaluation (CE), Laboratory and Practical Work (LPW), Project Work (PW) and Semester End Examination (SEE). The components may vary depending on the nature of the course. These components effectively lead to the attainment of course outcomes and hence the POs and PSOs.

Course Code Course Name
6CS451 Digital Forensics
6CS291 Minor Project
6CS252 Research Methodology and IPR
Course Code Course Name
6CS461 Hacking and Counter Hacking
6CS462 Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
6CS463 System and Website Audit
6CS365 Data Mining and Visualization
6CS264 Internet of Things
Course Code Course Name
6CS464 Secured Application Testing and Quality Assurance
6CS465 Quantum Computing
6CS270 Mobile and Wireless Network Security
6CS266 Blockchain Technology
Course Code Course Name
3MCA301 Machine Learning
3MCA302 Mobile Application Development Technologies
3MCA303 Cloud Computing
3MCAD35X Department Elective-II
3MCAD36X Department Elective-III
3MCAD30X Department Elective-IV
3MCASP03 Summer Internship*
Department Electives-II
Course Code Course Name
3MCAD351 Big Data Analytics
3MCAD352 Data Encryption
3MCAD353 UI/UX Design
3MCAD354 Human Computer Interface
3MCAD355 System Software
3MCAD356 Blockchain Foundations
3MCAD357 Database Administration
3MCAD358 High Performance Computing
3MCAD359 Information Retrieval
Course Code Course Name
3MCA401 Internship
Course Code Course Name
CSI0101 Linear Algebra
CSI0102 English I
CSI0103 Physics
CSI0104 Fundamentals_of_Programming
CSI0105 Elements of Electrical Engineering
Course Code Course Name
CSI0201 Calculas
CSI0202 Engineering Graphics
CSI0203 English II
CSI0204 Basic Electronics
CSI0205 Structured Programming
Course Name
Critical Thinking
Written Communication
Introduction to AI & ML
Computer Programming II
Course Name
Discrete Mathematics
Data Structures
Object Oriented Programming
Computer Architecture
Research Methodology
Course Name
Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Microprocessor and Programming
Principles of Software Development
Web Technologies
Digital Communications
Technical Writing