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Innovation in Department

Innovation in Department

 The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is highly dynamic in terms of introducing the courses which follow the industry trend. This benefits the students on one hand, while setting the opportunities and challenges to the faculty members on the other. The Department strives to explore all possible avenues to make students innovative, progressive, futuristic and best professionals. 

Innovative practices are adopted in teaching pedagogy, evaluation of term projects, floating open-ended definitions for individual / group assignments, suggesting major / minor project titles to the students, organizing student centric programmes like hackathons, competitive programming, mock tests for placements etc. 

The pandemic has also introduced the inability of the students in meeting up with the deadlines. Department has considered the emotional aspects of such students, faculty members and offered due support to them. 

Following hereby, are some cases where the innovations are observed in the course conduction and evaluation.

The department of Computer Science and Engineering offers “Digital Electronics” course at the undergraduate level of computer engineering curriculum. Along with the traditional method that uses conventional classroom lectures with short laboratory exercises, a project-based approach to teaching digital system design is adopted for this course. In this approach, students are exposed to multiple, real-life application based, semester-long projects that cover fundamental topics in digital system design such as combinational circuit design, sequential circuit design, state machine design, etc. These projects are carried out in groups, thereby developing the students’ abilities to work in teams. This project approach offers benefits such as increased student interest and better retention. It also helps students to understand the importance of the course in real life scenarios.

Think-Pair-Share, a collaborative learning strategy is used where students work together to solve a problem or answer a question about an assigned task for a specific topic from the course. Various groups are created in the class and each group forms a specific set of questions based on concepts covered in the class sessions. Each group then solves the questions formed by other groups. This tests the understanding of concepts by the students as for forming questions thorough understanding of concepts is required.

Think Pair Share Activity, carried out for question solving by group of students


Group Discussion carried out by students on assigned topics
JELIOT Visualization tool demonstration for
program logic flow in java
Pedagogy imparted by faculty on recent
research work


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering actively engages with the Alumni, Industry and Students for their overall growth and development. This growth is not only confined to the existing students of the Department, but envisages to improve the technical infrastructure of the Institute and University at large. The Department believes in orienting the students to pursue the research work over and above the teaching-learning activities. These activities not only place the students at reputed and elite organizations, but also develop an aptitude among the budding technocrats to propose projects related that help in strengthening the society through technological solutions.

Alumni sponsored activities

1.To generate awareness about the current need in the industry, expert sessions involving alumni, industry and inhouse faculty members are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year. The alumni of the Department also render their selfless services to the Department and other Departments.
2.Interaction with alumni are conducted during orientation programmes which helps in motivating students and steering their career.
3.Many alumni members are interested in doing their needful to purchase various devices for the innovative projects.
4.Many existing students are grabbing internship / placement opportunities in elite companies like google, Amazon etc. due to the scintillating alumni connect.
5.The Department prepares the students to explore the opportunity to work for administrative services through regular interaction with alumni who cleared examinations related to national administrative services.

Industry Sponsored Laboratories

The Department is also active in establishing various linkages with industry and research organizations.
a. The Department has established the Center of Excellence in Data Science in association with the SUNY Binghamton University, New York State. The Center offers research and consultancy, has arranged MINeD Hackathon, various expert sessions for students, global internship opportunities to students, avenues to go for higher students, innovative projects, training work and research projects.
b. Recently, NVIDIA has sponsored a lab with various NVIDIA based AI-DL research project Kits distribution. The students work on these kits using innovative projects over and above their regular studies.
c. The Department has signed up the Memorandum of Understandings with various Research Organizations like GUJCOST, DST, ISRO, IPR, BRNS, INS-Valsura for various research projects. The equipment procured under these research projects are available with the Department for the students.
d. GUJCOST has given a award in the form of a super computer, “Paramshavak” to the Department, to carry out High performance computing application.

Do It Yourself Lab

The DIY lab is envisioned to offer project related infrastructure to the students of the Department. These labs include –
a. NVIDIA Sponsored Embedded AI-DL Lab
b. High end devices for executing projects involving supercomputing
c. IoT Lab for carrying out innovative projects