Nirma University has established a Supercomputer facility

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University has established a Supercomputer facility for the students and academic researchers for conducting research and advanced computing studies in the field of High-Performance Computing. For the facility, the supercomputer known as ‘Param Shavak’ has been received by Dr Madhuri Bhavsar (Head of CSE department) and Dr Zunnun Narmawala (Associate Professor) during Vibrant Summit organised by the Government of Gujarat.

The supercomputing facility aims at providing computational resources with advanced technologies to perform high-end computations for scientific, engineering and academic programs to address and catalyse the research using modelling, simulation and data analysis. It will also help to create a pool of skilled professionals working in high-performance computing and Data Science thereby creating employment opportunities for students in R & D Organisations and Industry.