International Exposure

To provide global expertise locally the Department makes use of MoUs with top US universities to invite their professors to deliver expert talks and conduct short term courses.
Some of the recently conducted such sessions are highlighted below-


  • Online Seminar Series is organized collaboratively by Nirma University and Binghamton University covering the broad topics in “Data Science”, from July 2020 to November 2020.
  • Lecture Series on  Multimodal Human Computer Interfaces of Dr Stephen Brewster under the ACM Distinguished Speaker Program in March 2020.
  • Prof Xingquan Zhu of Florida Atlantic University delivered a six day lecture series on ‘Machine Learning’, in March 2019.
  • Prof Mohammad Khasawneh of SUNY Binghamton University delivered a expert talk on ‘Healthcare Systems and Data Science’, and interacted with students and faculty in March 2019.
  • Prof Sang Won Yoon of SUNY Binghamton University conducted a week long lecture series on ‘Big Data Analytics’, and shared his research experience with students and faculty in October 2018.



Lecture Series on Multimodal Human Computer Interfaces of Dr Stephen Brewster under the ACM Distinguished Speaker Program

Technological advances in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has inspired the design of novel Interfaces for new products/applications. Dr Saurin Parikh, faculty advisor of ACM student chapter informed that Novel HCI methods may provide assistive interfaces for Humans to communicate with the computer systems and systems may soon be controlled using vision, haptics, gestures, voice and brain interface devices. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality applications are becoming a reality in the domains of education, consumer research, neuroscience, medical science, assistive technology and many more. To inculcate the interest in the said area and to inspire the young researchers/students to pursue research and build novel applications in the area of HCI and AR/VR, the Department of Computer science engineering and ACM student chapter had invited Dr Stephen Brewster, ACM Distinguished Speaker, a renowned researcher in the field of HCI and Professor, School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, UK to Nirma University to deliver the three day lecture series on Multimodal Human Computer Interfaces from March 5-7, 2020.

During three days, Dr Brewster delivered very interesting talks on Multimodal HCI, Haptics and HCI, Novel interfaces for cars and AR/VR applications and research trends. As this was the first event organized by the chapter, the talk on 5th March was preceded by the inauguration of the ACM student chapter by Dr Stephen Brewster, Dr Alka Mahajan, Dean faculty of Technology and Dr Madhuri Bhavsar, HoD-CSE. The focus of the presentation on the first day was to acquaint the young crowd with innovative HCI technologies/devices used behind building novel interfaces for many applications and inspire them to work in this domain. The talk impressed a diligent crowd of about 400 technical enthusiasts from the fields of Computer Science and engineering, Electronic Engineering and Department of Design.
The next two days focused on more in-depth teaching to a selective audience of students working in the area of HCI and AR/VR. Furthermore, the guest also had interactions with Dr Anup Singh, Director General of Nirma University for strengthening the collaborations between both the Institutions. Dr Brewster also met the faculty members of the department.


Expert talk on Healthcare Systems and Data Science

Prof Mohammad Khasawneh is the Professor in the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering (SSIE) at Binghamton University

Prof Mohammad Khasawneh delivered an expert talk on “Healthcare Systems and Data Science” on March 18, 2019.

MTech students in CSE Department, Institute of Technology, Nirma University and students studying related electives in BTech attended the talk. Dr Khasawneh discussed the current state of the healthcare industry and the problems faced by various stakeholders.  He discussed how methodologies in Data Science can be used to address many of these issues.


International lecture Series on Deep Learning

Dr Xingquan Zhu is the Professor and Distinguished Senior Researcher from Florida Atlantic University, USA.

During his visit, Dr Zhu conducted the lecture Series on Deep Learning for 300+ students and faculty members of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Dr Zhu had research and academic interactions with the faculty members of the Institute.


Multidisciplinary Projects

Prof Sang Won Yoon is the Associate Professor, Binghamton University, New York, USA.

His area of interest includes integrated production and service systems, healthcare systems engineering, system optimization, production control systems and large-scale data mining. He is working on several industries, funded multidisciplinary projects. Data Analytics is one of the fastest upcoming areas in computer engineering and to add the global perspective was the objective of his visit. The course is part of an elective course for the Semester VII students. This initiative provided students with the opportunity to experience international teaching methodology and gave an insight into different case studies derived from his diverse projects.