• The members of ACES organised a session on “Project Presentation”, on January 17, 2019 for the semester IV students of the Department.  The projects of semester VI students were show cased in this session.
  • ACES conducted a two hour session on “Mathematics of Machine Learning” on March 7, 2019 for the students of the Department.
  • “ML Run”, conducted during NUTECH 2019, was an event where the participants were given a dataset pertaining to a problem. The one who trained the model and got a prediction on an unknown input won the contest.
  • CodeAdda frequently organises various coding activities based on Algorithms and Data Structures, competitive programming and open source development to enhance the coding ability of budding professionals.
  • All the associations conduct diverse activities such as CodeRun, CodZilla, Jigsaw Puzzle, Bit Code, Google Blogger Workshop and various coding competitions. More than 100 participants enthusiastically participate in this event.